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We are your one stop Auto Repair Shop in Ocala. Everything from a simple tune up to complete engine or transmission replacement. Also we are known for being among the best electrical and computer diagnostic professionals in the area.
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One of the best used car dealers in Ocala, FL! Auto Repairs too!* Regular labor rate is $90.00 hr.  $70.00 hr labor rate is a discount on auto repairs in exchange for placing an advertising sticker on your vehicle displaying our logo and name. Only applies to customers within a 20 mile radius from our shop AFTER first repair and applies to all service work each  visit.. 
*****If you remove the sticker after service and return for more repairs you will pay the full $90 hr rate, NO EXCEPTIONS******

Serving Ocala including surrounding areas. We do auto repair, truck service, van and suv repairs too!

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Most people think a tune up will fix a drivability problem. The fact is Many only have their spark plugs replaced. A FULL tune-up consists of Oil change, air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter. spark plugs and wires if equipped. Throttle body cleaning and new belts and hoses if your vehicle is around 10 years old. The price for NOT doing these things are an inconvient break down and tow bill! 
FIx it today and have peace of mind knowing what's wrong.

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